Who We Are

Maga-Zine.com is a unique online resource that was born as a combination of an online magazine and ezines in one publication. Materials published in all thematic maga-zines are written by industry professionals (companies or individuals) that are either directly involved with a given industry, or are qualified to be called a professional based on their experience, education, knowledge base, etc. All Maga-Zine.com content authors and contributors are approved by Maga-Zine.com and comply with Qualification Guidelines prior to joining the Maga-Zine.com family. We value readers’ opinion and readers’ trust first of all. It is important to us that our readers receive valuable information at all times.

While valuable content is important to readers, it is important to authors and industry professionals to be rewarded for sharing their expertise and knowledge. And there is no better reward than faithful, constantly growing audience. Maga-Zine.com provides its publishers with a unique opportunity to gain visibility online and stand out among millions of websites regardless of their budget size.

When publishers receive an opportunity to speak out and be heard, to be supported and valued regardless of their budget size, they thrive and bring more valuable information to readers. When readers find great value because they hear from people who really care, they come back. To Maga-Zine.com.

This site is under development at this time. To learn more about Maga-Zine.com, or if you have questions and require additional information, please contact us via email.